Ruman Kurdish Picture Dictionary – Sorani

by  Majeda Hourani (Author), Abdullah Qawariq (Illustrator), Zaniyar Ali Sdiq (Translator)

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Size: 22 + 31

Page Number: 64

19,00 $

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Kurdish Picture Dictionary – Sorani from RUMAN is an immersive tool to effectively teach vocabulary in context strategies. The dictionary is a foldout collection of 24 colorfully illustrated posters. Each poster targets a particular subject and is surrounded by images and vocabulary of the basic nouns and verbs that can be found in the poster. In this way the foldout posters picture all the vocabulary words without an accompanying translation or transliteration, allowing the student to learn a language through visualized day to day contexts.

The students will enjoy learning a language while following the characters throughout the posters depicting a story of their daily lives, culture and social environment.

All posters offer quick-look guides to food, colors, numbers, measurements, days of the week, and other fundamental matters of reference.


Weight 455 g