Series of Picture Dictionaries

Our series of picture dictionaries are offered in several languages for beginners. Our dictionaries assist students with diving into the language easily as we offer an independent supporting asset to any curriculum. Ruman’s dictionaries simplify the process of understanding words by projecting them through original illustrations. Following our character’s story, several essential interrelated topics are highlighted in separate posters such as family, food, travel, transportation, colors, numbers and many more life-relating topics. Each poster is surrounded by various nouns and verbs describing the main topic.

Interactive Wall Maps

Ruman’s interactive wall maps include all the Arab countries with each country labeled using its short name, the names of the capital and major cities in each country, the names of the most significant and visited tourist sites in each country, as well as clear labeling of all rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, and deserts throughout this vast region. Our Arab countries' wall maps are the first visual tools that are colorful, informative, and intriguing to various age groups. These three maps correspond to all curricula and educational programs.

Ruman Posters

Our educational posters are a variety of learning topics in an effort to provide the most effective tools for the education of our children. They are ideal as school supplies or household items

Ruman’s flashcards

Ruman’s flashcards are designed to be used as interactive supportive material to The Picture Dictionaries. These flashcards help learn faster using spaced repetition and engage active recall. This increased focus helps you make stronger neural connections and makes it easier for your brain to store the word in your long-term memory.