Ruman’s interactive wall maps include all the Arab countries names, the names of the capital and major cities in each country, the names of the most significant and visited tourist sites in each country, as well as clear labeling of all rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, and deserts throughout this vast region.
Our Arab countries’ wall maps are the first visual tools that are colorful, informative, and intriguing to various age groups. These three maps correspond to all curricula and educational programs.
We believe that the idea of learning through interaction and integration of information from various principles is the best approach. Hence, we offered these map posters as an interactive product. Our interactive wall maps include:

1. Corresponding worksheets to support the acquisition and retention of information learned using this interactive tool .
2. A Passport to Arab Countries. This tool is an organized guide for students to find out information about an assigned country.
3. Directions for adults and teachers on how to make the map as interactive and useful as possible to reach various levels of language proficiency for the students.

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